Diaper Bag Checklist

Diaper Bag Checklist


Every parent knows how essential it is to pack your diaper bag well. If you miss just one thing, your day out can turn into a day in hell. A well-packed diaper bag is a life saver. But how to pack it well?

This will all depend on your baby’s personal needs and what you usually use to care for them. It will also vary based on how long you want to stay out and how old your child is. For example, when your child is a bit older, you may need less diapers.

Here’s a list of things you may need in your diaper bag, based on the categories.

Essential Things

Diapers - Obviously, these are the main things you want to pack. A good way to go is to bring one diaper per hour you’ll be out and then a few extras just in case.

Wipes - These are especially useful in all kinds of situations, whether it’s for when they get dirty or for diaper accidents. Plus, you can use them to clean any surface you want to sit on.

Hand sanitizer - This is always a good idea, especially when you don’t have a bathroom nearby.

Changing pad - You don’t want to change your baby on a bench in the park and most areas are not equipped with proper baby changing equipment, so bringing a changing pad from home is a good idea. A blanket or towel is a good alternative.

Plastic bags - These will serve for your soiled diapers and tissues and they will be especially useful when you’re out in the park.

Bottles with formula or expressed milk

Snacks - These are perfect if you have an older baby or a toddler. This could possibly be some chopped fruit and veggies for a toddler or a jar of baby food for an older baby.

Sippy cup with water for your toddler

A blanket - Something small that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Blankets are very versatile in what you can do with them.

Clothes - Extra clothes for all kinds of accidents are really a life saver.

Pacifier if your child uses it or another item that they find comfort with

Sunscreen and other protection from the sun

Your phone with all of your emergency information as well as your wallet

Extra Stuff You May Need

Diaper rash cream in sample sizes just in case you need it but you don’t have a lot of space

More tissues both wet and dry

Nail clippers - If you are one of many parents that waits for that perfect chance to clip your child’s nails when they doze off, this can be a good addition to your diaper bag

Camera - You can bring a real camera or use one that’s on your phone if it has a good quality

Nursing cover - In case you breastfeed, you will need this but you can also use your blanket

Breast pads - To avoid any milk leaks, these will be your best friend

Wrap or a sling for carrying your baby - These are often more convenient than a stroller for when you get to your location, especially if your baby falls asleep.

Toys and other fun items for your child - If you are going somewhere where there are no toys, you will find these very useful. Choose the toys based on your child’s age and what they like.

A first aid kit - If you have a toddler, then you know how easy it is for them to fall and hurt themselves, so a good first aid kit can really save the day.

Essentials for the parents

Your diaper bag is also perfect for carrying your things. Here are some that you may find really useful:

Your wallet, keys and your cellphone which are all essentials

Your sunglasses and an SPF cream for you in case it’s sunny outside

A pen and a paper in case you need to write something down

Some snacks for you in case you get hungry as well as some mints or gum for after your snack

A book or a magazine for your entertainment

A new shirt in case you get spit up all over you or any other accidents happen.

Some Diaper Bag Tips

Here are some tips for your diaper bag packing:

Your bag should be waterproof because spills often happen and this will just be easier

You should get a bag with many different compartments because it can keep your stuff more organized

Pack your snacks, water bottles and medicines in plastic bags to avoid spills. You can also pack clothing in resealable bags.

You may want to get two diaper bags - one of them should be small for quick outings and then the other should be bigger and contain more things for longer trips. Many parents actually always keep one bag with changing supplies in their cars.

Pack items together when they are similar because it will make it easier.

Try the diaper bag to see what suits you - after all, you are the one who will have to carry it

Sometimes your diaper bag doesn’t even have to be a diaper bag - a backpack will often do or any other bag that you really like.