9 Essentials For Traveling With Baby

baby travel gear

Travelling with kids can be kind of scary but amazing too. And if you come prepared for all sorts of situations, you can rest assured that you will have a ton of fun on your trip. So, without further ado, here are some things you need to bring on your trips with your baby.

Booster Diaper Bag

A proper, functional and convenient diaper bag filled with all of the essentials can be a lifesaver. Everything you need for your days out should fit into a diaper bag and you should be able to easily whip it out and handle all problems. Just make sure that the bag is waterproof and that it is big enough to fit all of your stuff.

Disney Booster Diaper Bag | $63

Baby Carrier

While strollers are great for walks through the city or even shopping sometimes, it can be hard to take a stroller on a hike or some other similar adventure. This is why a baby carrier is a perfect solution.

You can also find it more useful for when you are shopping or walking around, especially if your baby is younger. Your hands will be free and you will take up less room which is convenient if you are going to some small spaces.

Bebear Alpha X 6 | $86

Portable Baby Bath

Kids need frequent baths. Especially so when you are on a vacation or travelling around. They are spending a ton of time outdoors, running around, spilling everything on themselves and getting dirty. However, hotel rooms and various other accommodations are not really that great for baby baths. In this case, you need a portable baby bath tub which is also inflatable. This means it will be easy to carry but extremely convenient when you need it out.

Inflatable Baby Bath Tub | $35

Umbrella Stroller

A normal big stroller is great but it doesn’t exactly fit all of your travelling requirements most likely. This is why you need a convenient, portable umbrella stroller. These are very good for travelling around and they make it simple for you to walk around small towns - or big towns - walk into stores and get up and down the stairs. These are easy to pack and can easily fit anywhere. As a bonus, these are usually very cheap so you can get one easily.

Table Topper

If your kids are just like any other kids in the world, they probably spill a lot when they eat and they request that they eat alone. These table toppers are very disposable and adhesive so you can rest assured that the tables everywhere will stay clean and scratch free. You won’t have to worry about the mess that you leave behind in a restaurant because you won’t leave any and there will be no mess at all.

Sippy Cups

Travelling during the summer means that your kids will get hot and they will need water. Even traveling in the spring and running around means that they will get thirsty a lot. This is why you need some convenient cups. While your children may already be trying out real cups, mugs and glasses, this may not be the best solution for your car, the plane, the bus, the stroller or even a restaurant. So, get some convenient cups that can save you from all of those spills.

Portable Changing Pad

Your baby can need a diaper change in many different places and not all of them are equipped with a proper changing station. Some changing stations are too small for your baby, some places may not even have them. So, as a good parent you need to have a sturdy, portable changing pad which can save you a lot of trouble, especially in places like the park or similar areas.

Sunveno Portable Snuggle Nest Dream Infant Sleeper | $63


No trip with babies and small children would be complete without some toys. If you are out and about doing things that are meant for grownups like museums and restaurants, toys will be essential. Make sure to get some quiet ones, that won’t disturb other people in your surroundings. So, no big loud robots or musical toys, but rather plushies or soft fabric car toys, blocks and books.


These will be a lifesaver for you, especially if your little one is teething or spills a lot when they eat. You can get them in many different materials and styles so your baby can also have fun wearing them.