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If we were to be honest, most of us fathers don't really care for feminine looking diaper bags.

We'd prefer something a little less flowery and a bit more "Dad" orientated.

But we still want to be able to have the necessary items with us when we take baby out and about. Thankfully, most designers have solved the problem perfectly with their new line of Diaper Bags for Dads.


There is, today, a wide selection of diaper bags backpack for dads that look both sporty and yet stylish without the feminine appearance of the more traditional diaper bags. Although I could justify walking around with a pink diaper bag slung on my back when my daughter was born I drew the line when my son came along and bought something a little less "colorful". (Not that he was that bothered but I certainly felt uneasy!)

Finding something that suited though was a bit of a problem. It was either a case of "Nice looking diaper bag but not exactly over crowded with features and useful bits, is it!" or "Wow, look at all the pockets in this bag - but it's awful to have to wear!"

Well, if you're suffering the same problem or even just looking to get one for your buddy who has just become a father - there are a few diaper bags for men out there that I'd recommend.

Comfy AND practical, they let you carry everything you need to and also have the benefit of looking not too shabby!

They also have a second benefit to them which I was very mindful of when looking around. I sort of guessed that my son would be a heck of a lot older than just a baby before I'd manage to bash all the life out of the diaper bag, so it had to be a male diaper bag that could become a normal bag for carrying stuff as he grew. Sort of a split personality!!

Have a run through the different ones we've got on here, from the Review link at the bottom of this page to get some ideas of what you can pick up quite easily. If you also know of any diaper bags for dads we haven't got covered on here and you'd recommend them then let us know. After all - us Dads have to stick together! Or if you are looking for something more colorful and loud - you have got to see our Diaper Bags range.